If your student informed you about difficulties in accessing a paid course/challenge or subscription, check the following details:

Does this student have the desired product in Purchased items in the User info card (section CRM)?

If there is a course, challenge, or subscription, the student should log out and log back in. This is usually enough to solve this issue.

The purchased item will also be displayed on the user's card.

The user may face difficulties when he has a monthly auto-paid purchase. If he decides to cancel the subscription immediately, access to the materials is lost, even though the monthly payment has already been paid. To give the subscription access, add the desired product in the Purchased items field to the user card and Save.

IMPORTANT: at the end of the access period, you will need to remove the subscription from this field manually. Otherwise, the user will have access further and without debiting funds because for the funds to be debited, the subscription must be purchased and not added manually.

If the difficulties concern access to the school itself - read this article.

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