Creating developer accounts

First of all you need to create App Store and Google Play developer accounts.

For App Store please refer to our detailed guide.

For Google Play just get started here and follow the instructions.

Please note: if possible, create accounts for a legal entity, not for an individual. It's still possible to go with an individual account, but Apple does not inviting other people to the Developer Account so we'll need access to your Apple Account and it's better to create a new one only for managing your App. Anyways it's much easier with a corporate account.

Providing App Store Connect access to Gurucan team

Log in to the App Store Connect here:

Go to the users tab:

Add a new user:

Fill out the form:

Please double check that you checked "App manager" Role, the email is [email protected] and Access to certificates, Identifiers and profiles is checked.

Please note: granting access to developer resources is only available for Company developer accounts, if the account is created for an induvidual then it's not available and we'll need to get access to your Apple account to create the app! That's why creating Apple account for a company is highly commended

Providing Google Play access to Gurucan team

Go to the Google Play Console:

In the left menu select "Users and permissions"

Add [email protected] and select your app:

And add all permissions:

And then press invite button.

Configuring payments

If you're going to recieve in-app payments then you need to do a couple more things.


  1. Fill in your payment profile here:

2. Create a service account

In your Play Console go to Settings -> Developer Account -> API Access

Press create a new service account:

Follow the link to the Google Cloud Platform:

Press the Create Service Account button:

Then open the service account and create a new key:

Open the json file with any text editor and find these 2 lines:



you'll need to enter values in Gurucan admin panel in App settings:

After the service account is created, please link the same google cloud project on API Access page

Then go to your app settings, then to Monetization Setup and enter this topic name:


Also you need to create a Google Merchant Payment Profile


To add in-app purchases for your iOS app you need to create a secret key.

Follow this guide to create it:

After that please enter you secret ket in Gurucan App Settings.:

Also you need to fill out the agreements for the paid Apps here:

And set up URL for App Store notifications to:

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