Let's take a look at the most common problems a user has when logging into your online school:

1. I did not receive a letter with a password

2. Difficulties with authorization by the sent password

3. I can't log in after password recovery

1. I did not receive a letter with a password

First, check if the correct email is attached in the admin panel under Marketing > Email.

In the "Congratulations! Your registration is complete" data such as login and password to enter the school are transmitted.

Your registration data:

Login: {{user.email}}

Password: {{user.password}}

If another letter was attached, check that it contains the necessary data - login, password, or change it to a letter "Congratulations! Your registration is complete" to avoid similar problems in the future. The user will be able to enter the school through password recovery.

If a user did not receive the letter, delete and add the student to CRM again, entering the email correctly.

If you have a trial period, check out this article.

2. Difficulties with authorization by the sent password

If you do not set a password when adding a user, it will be generated automatically - an alphanumeric code.

A common mistake is that while copying the password, the user grabs an extra space, and the system doesn't let him enter into the Personal Account of the school.

Also, users often try to log into the Gurucan admin panel and not to your school.

This authorization is for school owners and administrators only. Make sure users are logged in using the correct link - yourdomain.gurucan.com.

3. Difficulties with authorization in the app

In the application, you can log in from the web version of the school. There will be a button to enter the application in the lower-left corner of the page in your account.

In the pop-up menu, select the second tab, "Enter the app."

Open the Gurucan application and select "Login with QR-code," and scan the code - automatic authorization in the application will occur.

In this case, the user needs to enter either the data from the registration letter - login and password, or login and code, which can be seen in the student's account in the web version.

4. I can't log in after password recovery

The most common mistake is copying extra characters with a password or an incorrect login link.

We hope this article was useful to you, and if you have any questions - write to us in the chat.😉

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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