Free products - Courses, Challenges, or Meal plans - are available to all students in your school. Paid ones are available either to those who bought them or those you have open access to.

In this article, let's consider how to open access to a paid Course or Challenge to a user manually.

Go to the admin panel in the CRM section - Users

  1. If the user is already in your database, click on it, and the User Card will be opened. In the Purchased items field, you need to add a paid course or marathon, access to which you want to open to the selected user.

Be sure to save the changes. Now, the selected student will have access to the added products.

2. If the user is not yet in your database, add him manually by clicking on the button.

Fill in the new user's details and enter the course you want to add to this user in the Purchased Items field.

Save the changes. The student will receive an email with a login and password to enter the school, and the course you added will be available for the user.

Done! We hope the article was useful to you, and if you have any questions - write to the chat!

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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