Sometimes you need to add users to your school manually. You can easily do it via CRM - Users section in your admin panel.

STEP 1. Open the Users section and click on this button 👇🏻

STEP 2. Fill in the information about your user.

  • Name and Email fields are required.

  • The Password field is optional because if you leave this field empty, the password will be generated automatically.

  • The User status does not change if you add a student to your school. If you want to add a co-worker, you can choose between Owner, Editor, and Curator.

❕ Find detailed information about each role here in this article.

  • You can leave the Email status empty - by default, it will be unconfirmed. If confirmations are turned on and required in your school, and you want the student not to confirm their email additionally, you can indicate in this field that the email is confirmed.

  • Purchased Items - in this field, you can manually choose a paid product (Course, Challenge, etc.) to open the selected user's access.

  • Categories are the tags that you can assign to a user. You can filter users by tags, make email campaigns.

STEP 3. Click the Save button.

The user is added to your database and received data to enter your school by email (if you don't know how to set email yet, follow the link).

IMPORTANT: If you add a co-worker or administrator (owner, editor, or curator), such a user will also receive an email with authorization data, but an important point - the letter's link leads to the school itself and not to the administrative panel. Therefore, the administrator must use this link to enter the Gurucan admin panel and enter his Email and Password to enter the admin panel.

Done! If you have any questions, please contact us via chat!

We can't wait to see your school alive!


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