1) By inserting a link to YouTube / Twitch

To start broadcasting via YouTube / Twitch / another service, simply insert a link to your broadcast. The following services are supported: Youtube, Twitch, SoundCloud, Facebook, Vimeo, Streamable, Wistia, DailyMotion, Mixcloud, links to files in mp4 format.

  • Delay about 15 seconds

  • Requires OBS or similar software and moderated Youtube / Twitch account, etc.

  • Unlimited number of participants

  • Is free

2) Insert broadcast via HTML code

Suitable if you are broadcasting on some other service and it provides HTML code.

  • Delays from 15 seconds

  • OBS or similar software required

  • The number of participants depends on the service.

  • Is free

If you want to use the presentation in your webinar - you can download it in Webinar - Video/Broadcast section. Be sure to download it in PDF format and we recommend using a presentation with horizontal slides. During the webinar, you can switch slides.

More advanced information about webinar settings you'll find here.

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