STEP 1: First, go to the Products tab. Click on the Webinars section.

STEP 2: Let's insert the basic information about a webinar and set up Main settings

  • Enter a Webinar title.

  • Please indicate the real start time of the webinar! It is important.

  • We also recommend downloading the cover and full description - with them, the registration page for the seminar would look much nicer.

  • You can set up limits for your webinar. For example, you can open access to the webinar only for those, how bought an offer. Or you can open unlimited access.

  • If you want redirect users to any web-page after they sign up (for example, to congratulate them for joying your webinar or encourage them to buy an offer), you can insert a link to redirect users after sign up for your webinar.

STEP 3: Now let's set up tech settings. Go to the Video/Broadcast tab. The next step is to choose how you will broadcast your webinar. First, choose one option: Webinar or Auto-webinar.

In order to Webinar:

you can use one of the two webinar methods.

  • via YouTube - insert a link to a third-party service as YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, Facebook, Vimeo, Streamable, Wistia, DailyMotion, Mixcloud (we do not support Clickmeeting)

  • Insert HTML - if you want to use a specific options to conduct your webinar

If you want to use the presentation during your webinar - you can download it in Webinar - Video/Broadcast section. Be sure to download it in PDF format and we recommend using a presentation with horizontal slides. During the webinar, you can switch slides.

In order to Auto-webinar:

Just upload video with the recorded webinar.

STEP 5: Now let's move on to the sales module. Gurucan allows you to insert a promo-banner or just a button on top of a webinar that appears at a certain moment. Upload a banner (always horizontal, up to 728x90 - it looks like on YouTube) or simply write a text with an appeal and insert a link. You can also choose the time for the automatic display of the link, or activate it manually during the webinar.

It's time to start streaming! Publish a webinar and it will become available for registration. At the scheduled time, click on the webinar link.

Look at the available controls and fields:

  • At the left you can see a number of participants of your webinar.

  • Expand button allows you to expand a screen.

  • View type button allows you to change screen between live stream and PDF presentation (in order you uploaded a presentation)

  • To start a webinar click on the "Start" button.

Moreover, you can read and send messages during the webinar. There is a special messages field.

To finish the webinar click on this button:

STEP 6: When you webinar is finished, it's time to count the statistics. Go to the Statistics tab. Gurucan counts views of your webinar. For the statistics to work correctly, you need to set the correct webinar start date and click the webinar completion button immediately after its finished.

In the future, you can use these statistics to build automation , for example like this:

Good luck with your webinars! There will be questions - you know where to write!

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