STEP 1: First, go to the Products tab.

STEP 2: Click on the Webinars tab.

STEP 3: Enter a description of the webinar. Please indicate the real start time of the webinar! It is important. We also recommend downloading the cover and full description - with them the registration page for the seminar would look much nicer.

STEP 4: Go to the Video/Broadcast tab. The next step is to choose how you will broadcast your webinar. Firstly, there are 2 options: webinars, classrooms and auto-workshops . Auto-workshops are now in beta testing, and not all are available, so for now, let's focus on broadcasts and classes. In case your wondering about the difference of webinars and online classes you can check out this article.

In order to broadcast, you can use one of the three broadcast methods.

STEP 5: Now let's move on to the sales module. Gurucan allows you to insert a banner or just a button on top of a webinar at a certain moment. Download a banner (always horizontal, up to 728x90 - it looks like on YouTube) or simply write a text with an appeal and insert a link. You can also choose the time for the automatic display of the link, or activate it manually during the webinar.

NOTE: Promo activated should be on.

It's time to start streaming! Publish a webinar and it will become available for registration. At the scheduled time, click on the webinar link (you can click on Preview in the lower menu).

Let's analyze the most important buttons for managing a webinar:

Maximize - expands the broadcast to full screen
Camera - turns on / off the camera *
Microphone - turns on / off the microphone *
View - allows you to switch between presentation and video
Screen - allows you to share the screen/window *

Switching presentation slides switches it for all viewers.
Banner - turns on / off a banner or button with a link

Finish - ends the webinar. Be sure to click this button after the broadcast! This is important for statistics!

NOTE: Gurucan allows you to share one browser tab, or one application, do not have to share the entire screen!

STEP 6: Go to the Statistics tab. Gurucan counts views of your webinar. For the statistics to work correctly, you need to set the correct webinar start date and click the webinar completion button immediately after its completion.

In the future, you can use these statistics to build automation , for example like this:

Good luck with your webinars! There will be questions - you know where to write!

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