Homework or Report is a way to check your students' learning of the material, available in a type of lesson such as Constructor.

In your course or challenge, select Constructor and proceed to creating the lesson.

STEP 1: Go to the Products tab.

STEP 2: Click the Courses tab.

STEP 3: Create or edit a course.

STEP 4: Click the Lesson button.

STEP 5: To enable homework, you must move the switch to Report required

There are several options for checking reports:

1️⃣ Manual check.

2️⃣ Automatic check without the correct word.

3️⃣ Automatic check with the correct word.

1️⃣ Manual check.

If you select this type of homework, the student will have a field for writing homework and attaching files (images, video, audio, word, excel, or pdf).

After the student sends the homework report, it will get to your admin panel

CRM > Homework, where the function of notification of new reports has already been added.


  • With Manual check and settings in your course/challenge, Lessons are available after completing the previous one the student will not be able to proceed to the next lesson until you complete the report Done.

  • If the settings in your course/challenge All lessons are available - there will be no such restriction. After the administrator checked the task and set it to Completed, a field for entering text disappears, and it will not be possible for a student to add more to this task - the lesson is considered completed. The student will indicate that the task is Verified.

  • If the task is Failed, the text input field will be still available so that the student can complete/redo the task.k.

2️⃣ Automatic check without the correct word.

Allows a user to send one answer - text or file (image, video, document) in the application, and in the web version - you can attach files + text with one answer. The report will go to the Homework Check. The difference is that when the report is sent, the task will be considered automatically completed and the student will be able to proceed to the next lesson without waiting for verification. After sending the report, the field for entering text disappears and the task is considered complete.

3️⃣ Automatic verification with the correct word.

With this type of report, you need to enter the correct answer - preferably short and without spaces - the student entering it in the answer field will be able to easily proceed to the next lesson automatically, just as with the automatic verification without the correct word, but the report will not be displayed in the Remote Control and files it will not be possible to attach.

Remember to write to the student what word you need to enter to complete the lesson😉

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