The use of video materials in the learning process significantly increases the effectiveness of education. Let's see what formats Gurucan supports and how to download videos correctly.

What about uploading videos to Gurucan?

Gurucan does not alter the quality of your videos. You can upload videos in 4K, or even 8K. The only thing that Gurucan does is compress video into mp4 format with those codecs that are supported on all devices.

Video, audio, and other media files are uploaded to a distributed cloud-based CDN, which provides the maximum speed for downloading videos from anywhere. We use one of the fastest CDNs with locations around the world.

Video upload guidelines


Uploading videos to the Gurucan platform is associated not so much with file formats as with video codecs used in specific files. We support most major codecs, but we recommend H.264 for best results. In most cases, if you have a .mp4 or .mov video file, then everything will be fine. However, you should have no problem downloading videos with other major video file extensions, such as:













If this becomes too technical for you, then just make sure you upload the MP4 or MOV video file :)


The recommended video resolution is 720p (1280 x 720px) , and the recommended frame rate is 24-30 frames per second (frame / s).


The maximum size of one separate video is 3 GB. However, in most cases, we recommend that you do not upload videos larger than 400 MB. Your video files will be automatically compressed to 370, 480, 720, 1080 and your users will be able to choose the best option for them. By default it is 720p.

Note: we recommend an aspect ratio of 16/9.

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