Why join Gurucan?

✅ Competitive salary

We want you to focus on doing your best, and we'll handle the rest. You'll get a good salary and lots of perks, from cookies to any tech you need.

✅ Complex problems

We are a startup company so the range and complexity of problems you'll be solving are going to be big. That also gives way more experience than you can get in other company.

✅ Growing at a spaceship speed

Our company is growing very fast. We already won batch 2 of Sberbank 500 accelerator and that's just the beginning!

✅ Young and competent management

Our founders have experience launching global companies. We've got world-class experiences in technology and management. You'll never feel misunderstood!

✅ Global market

We're not limited by countries and markets. Our product is global and so is our team. We'd like you to think.

✅ Great team

Our team is more of a family than a group of co-workers. We help each other, have fun, and travel together. You'll never walk alone.

How To Apply:

Reach out to hr@gurucan.com if you think you're a great fit to our team but there is no position.

If you are experiencing issues that none of our articles has helped you solve, please contact by clicking the button below:


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