STEP 1: Go to Marketing Tab

STEP 2: Click on the Email broadcast

STEP 3: You can select students to send an email according to particular conditions

Let's look into each of them

  • Tags

To add tags go to the Users section, select one or several users and add tags actually. Read more about how to manage the Users section

You type in tags you need and save

Let's check whether this tag was added to the list

Yep, everything's saved.

When you add a tag you can see how many users will receive this email

Easier than ever. Let's move on to the next tag.

  • Purchased Items

The Users section again. Let's check how are purchased items displayed

Users can have several purchased items in the Users section.

Also, several purchased items can be selected while purchased products being added

  • Course started

First, let's figure out how do creators understand who started a particular course

The Users section again - Actions. So you can check it here

Here you can see that My new course was started by two users. So these lucky guys will receive my email.

  • Registered after

You simply choose a registration date

Also, you can select several dates by adding the same condition once again

  • No conditions

Everyone who is registered in your school will receive an email

  • Task completed

You select a course and a task in this course. Everyone who completed the tasks you selected will receive an email

  • App installed

You can find this info in the Users section

  • Watched webinar

Here you select the webinar itself and actions connected with it - registered\participation duration\click on the button action. Read more about webinars on Gurucan

Remember that you always can select several tags for one email

And can always remove them

STEP 4: Select an Email template that you want to use or create a new one in the Email templates section

STEP 5: You can now broadcast your email.😊

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