This article will tell you what path an online school client goes from choosing and paying for a product to start training via web-version of your school or via mobile app.

So, you have a landing page for which you attract customers.

Step 1. Choosing a product

The client switched to a landing page, was inspired, and decided to purchase one of the offers, clicks on this offer.

Step 2. Opening a product page

User is in the product page. User can learn more about the offer and what is included in this offer. User decides to buy the offer.

Step 3. Placing an order

Next, the client goes to the checkout page, here you must fill in the required fields:
- Name
- Email
- Password

With this data, the client will be registered on the platform. You can see it in the "CRM - Users" section.

After filling in the fields, the client clicks "Buy" or "Subscribe"

Step 3. Entering payment data

The customer enters the payment details of a bank card and makes a payment.

Step 4. A letter after registration

After successful payment, the client receives an automatic letter in the mail with a username and password to access the online school, for example this:

NOTE: The letter that the user will receive after registration, you can configure yourself to find out more click here

Step 5. Access to the school through a web browser

Suppose a client decides to log in via a web browser. He follows the link in the letter or goes to the product page and gets to the authorization form. Here the client enters the username and password that he received by email.

By clicking on Login, the client enters the online school! Hooray!

The menu on the left will be a list of available and purchased products. You can start learning!

Step 6. Access to school through the mobile application

How to get access to the Gurucan app from my mobile device?

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