Gururcan provides a wide range of integration opportunities! Just choose the most suitable for you and set up the integration. 😊

Let's learn more about each of them.

βœ… Webhook

How it works: we send a POST request each time a new user signs up or any of the events below happen. Click the title's link above to find more information.

βœ… Zapier

Zapier integration allows you to connect your online courses with over 1000 services. Gurucan sends an event to Zapier each time your users sign up, log in, pay, and more. Also, with Zapier, you can add students to your Gurucan's CRM by connecting other external services.

Check out the instructions for the most popular integration scenarios among Gurucan Creators:


API integration allows you to make adjustments to Gurucan's data. See more by clicking the link in the title.

βœ… ClickFunnels

Using Clickfunnels integration, you can add new students to Gurucan as soon as they provide their contact details on your Clickfunnels page and provide students access to courses after purchasing something on Clickfunnels. See the detailed instructions in the title's link.

βœ… Kajabi

This integration allows you to import your courses from Kajabi to Gurucan.

Just enter your email and password from Kajabi's account and Course ID if you want to import only specific courses.

Course ID is right here

If you leave the last field empty, all the courses you have will be imported. You will see the courses in the Products section - Courses tab of your admin panel.

The process may take up to a few hours. Contact us in chat if the courses are still not there after 24 hours passed.

Note: Please ensure your design in Kajabi looks like that πŸ‘‡πŸ» If not, importing won't be possible. You can clarify with Kajabi support if they can change the design for your account.

Haven't found the integration you need? You are welcome to leave your suggestion on our roadmap. πŸ˜‰

If you have any other questions, please contact us by clicking the button below:



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