Get full analytics from a single glance. The simple and beautiful dashboard helps you get insights into how your school is performing. You can find it here. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

There are four sections where you can check all your statistics: Payments, Students, Courses and Marketing. Let's learn more about each of them.

1. Payments.

  • To get the most of your statistics, choose the time period and currency.

Available time periods are a year, a month, and a week.
  • Check out your Revenue, Number of payments, and Paid subscribers.

  • Observe charts:

Revenue. This chart shows your daily revenue. We don't include processing fees in this chart, so your income might be a little less.

The number of payments. This chart displays the total amount of successful transactions that your students made each day.

Recurring revenue. Amount of recurring payments received.

Note: The currency that will be shown in this section by default is the currency of the last payment. If you want one currency to be always shown by default, contact the support chat.

  • Get detailed info about each payment and the user who made it.

2. Students.

  • Here you get the number of Total students and New students with Active students according to the chosen time period.

  • New students chart. This chart shows the total number of students that sign up daily.

  • New members chart. Number of students who signed up for any recurring membership plan

3. Courses.

  • Choose a time period.

  • Check course completion rate in general, started courses, complete courses, and tasks.

  • Check charts with the started courses, complete courses, and tasks.

  • Select a particular course to get the statistics only for it.

4. Marketing.

  • Choose a time period.

  • Check the number of Emails that were Sent, Delivered, Got the error, Opened, Clicked on, or marked as Spam.

  • Observe a chart with this information.

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