Let’s see what you can do in the Users section of your admin panel.

There are two sections here: Users and Subscribers. These are the differences.

1. Users

The users are the students who registered at your school from the Signup form and have the credentials: login and password. They can come from the landing page or the Offers page.

2. Subscribers.

Subscribers are the ones who left their data in the Form that you can create on your landing.

Fill in the necessary data in the fields:

Choose subscription action:

That's how your created Form can look like:

3. Managing the database table.

The settings of the database are the same for Users and Subscribers. Let's learn what you can do here.

  • Add only the needed columns to your table and change their size by clicking on the gearwheel button.

Learn more about Roles that can be added to the users in this article.

  • Hover over the First visit icon to get detailed information.

  • Change the size of each column.

  • Quickly manage each user without opening his profile just by ticking.

  • Open the profiles of your users to manage them in a more detailed way.

How to view/edit detailed information about each of your users?
How to add, remove, use tags?

How to add access to products manually?

4. Use the top tool.

  • Import CSV file with your users’ database if you already have one and want to migrate them from an external platform

  • Download CSV file with your Gurucan database (firstly, tap on Create CSV file button, then Download button).

That's all! We wish you to have the biggest database of users. 😊

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