Public or paid. Build an engaged community by creating themed chats for people who are taking the same course. Always be involved in your "students" life, join discussions, and sell one on one consultations via paid chats.

General chat is available to all students of the school on all online products - it can only be created or deleted. Therefore, somehow managing it and tying it to products is not necessary.

Paid chat also does not need to be tied to online products. If it is turned on, you can start a private session in the general chat window of the online school, if it is turned off, it will be hidden and not available.

Local chat - available only for students of a specific online product (course or challenge) or for several products at once. Below is an example of how to bind.

STEP 1: Go to CRM tab.

STEP 2: Click on the Chats tab.

Enable private chats to add the possibility to provide paid 15-minute personal consultations to your subscribers.

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