Welcome to your GURUCAN onboarding checklist

1️⃣ Create your first course

IMPORTANT: Before you create a course we recommend that you read our "MAIN STEPS TO CREATE AN ONLINE COURSE" blog.

We recommend creating a simple free course to introduce your online courses and the App itself to your users. If you want to find out the detailed instructions about how to create a course, go here.

2️⃣ Set up your online school

To learn more about online school settings, visit this article.

3️⃣ Fill in your payout information.

If you're not ready to connect the payment gateway, fill in the random data and the system will allow you to create paid Offers and test them.

4️⃣ Check out how your online school looks like

Visit this article to learn more about how to do it.

That's all! Your checklist should look like this 👇🏻

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